Rainy Day Program

Unfortunately, the sun doesn't shine all the time, not even during your holidays. But even when raindrops are hitting the ground, You can have a lot of fun with Our Entertaiment department. We have tons of great ideas for rainy day activities. At Now Onyx Punta Cana, holidays are always Excellent!

09:30 am. Stretching / Theater
10:00 am. Spanish lesson / Theater
10:30 am. Horse Rice Competitions / Theater
10:30 am. Tossing games / Theater
11:00 am. Special Game / Theater
11:30 am. Dancing Lesson / Theater
11:30 am. Billiard tournament / Sports bar
12:00 pm. Ping Pong Pang / Theater
03:30 pm. Tables Games tournament / Theater
03:45 pm. Bingo game / Theater
04:00 pm. Cocktail class / Plaza
04:30 pm. Zumba / Theater
05:00 pm. Entertainment Aution

“Board games available in the sports bar

*Entertainment programs could change without notice.